Beta Rotation Fund

We are pleased to announce that the ATAC Beta Rotation Fund (BROTX) was ranked by Morningstar in the top 7% out of 1,523 Large Blend Funds for the one year period ended 6/30/2016 (based on total returns).

The ATAC Beta Rotation Fund (BROTX) is designed to outperform the equity market over a full market cycle.  The Fund seeks to rotate into the right sectors at the right time using leading indicators of stock market volatility. In offensive mode, BROTX can invest in U.S. cyclical sector ETFs. In defensive mode, BROTX can invest in lower volatility sector ETFs.  The indicators are evaluated on a weekly basis for potential rotations in the portfolio.


  • Attempts to outperform stock averages through active sector rotations
  • Attempts to capture upside while managing downside risk
  • Objective, quantitative process not subject to behavioral biases
  • Seeks to provide high liquidity and transparency

As the pendulum potentially swings away from passive investing and towards an environment of frequent volatility, the coming cycle may be a favorable one for active rotation strategies like the ones we manage.